“Our district has 71,500 students on over 75 campuses. We deliver your professional development throughout the district.

Since we are such a large, fast-growth district, we constantly take a look at where our funds are going and how they can best be utilized. After looking at the number of professional development hours we receive from you and the quality of the programs, it is not hard to justify continuing our subscription. It is inexpensive on a per hour basis and our teachers are motivated to participate because all programs are already approved for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit.”  

Thomas Palmer
Northside ISD
San Antonio, TX

“The Virtual Teaching and Learning Community (STAR-Online) has had a great impact in my teaching career.  Not only has it changed my teaching techniques, but it has also affected my outlook on my students’ achievement levels.”  

Sherrie Stocchetti
K-12 Teacher, V.I.T. Elementary School
Table Grove, IL

“STAR-Online adds a much needed component to our professional development offerings. Through this virtual teaching and learning community, our staff can develop technology integration skills that focus on engaged learning at the time, place and pace of their own choosing.”

Kristine Diener
Instructional Technologies Chairperson
School District of Waukesha, WI

“I am indeed grateful for your site which allows Pana High (high school enrollment less than 500) and other smaller schools the opportunity to offer the study of Latin, a classical language. Most schools our size and many much larger schools no longer offer Latin. The instructors I have had the privilege of working with for the last three years are very well educated in their subject and most professional. Furthermore, it is the only course in our small high school where a student can get two years of the classical Latin language in two semesters. It is demanding, but in my opinion, one of the best courses offered of its nature in our school.”   

Tony D. Whetsell
Pana High Facilitator
Pana, IL

“Many of our teachers are benefiting from your professional development sessions.  They really like the session times (4-6pm Eastern Time) this school year, and what more convenient way for them to earn renewal credits! “

Victoria A. Clemmer
Education Specialist/StarNet Facilitator
Gaston County Schools Teacher Resource Center
Gaston, NC

“I began working as a facilitator about seven years ago. I have found that everyone has been so helpful to me and also to the students enrolled in courses. My students call in to the teachers and get help right away.  

Your distance learning classes have helped our students participate in classes that they would not have been able to take otherwise. The teachers are very well qualified and always prepared.   I am very thankful and honored to have been a part of your distance learning network all these years.”  

Sonja Hageman StarNet Facilitator
Jourdanton High School
Jourdanton, Texas