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Student Instruction:
Course List

Most courses are taught in Blackboard.  For information on how to use Blackboard, visit the Blackboard page.

Spanish III, French III, and  Latin III are provided in Educator.  Click here for a demo.

1 Unit Credit Courses

All classes begin August 30, 2004 except Latin II which begins January 24, 2005. For information about the Advanced Placement (AP) Program*, click here.

AP Calculus AB
AP Chemistry
AP English Language & Composition
AP English Literature & Composition
AP Environmental Science
AP European History
AP Psychology
AP Statistics
AP US History
French III (French I and II are available under 1/2 Unit Courses below)
Latin I (Block, Fall)
Latin II (Block, Spring)
Latin III
Spanish III (Spanish I and II are available under 1/2 Unit Courses below)

View a Demo for French III, Latin III, or Spanish III

1/2 Unit Credit Courses

Unless otherwise noted, all classes are offered Summer and during the 2004-05 School Year in the Flex 90 format which offers 90-day semester courses in flexible beginning and ending dates to best accommodate varying school schedules. The courses identified as “semester-based” have one beginning and ending date with an option of Mondays to choose from as a start date.

Computer Science
Information Technology Basics 1A
Information Technology Basics 1B
Introduction to Technology
Microsoft Office XP (Summer)
Web Design-HTML

Language Arts

Advanced Composition
American Film Survey A
American Literature 1A
American Literature 1B
Beginning Composition
Business Communication
English as a Second Language 1A (Summer)
English as a Second Language 1B (Summer)
English 9th A
English 10 A (Summer)
English 12 A (Fall)
English 12 B (Fall)
Middle School Composition Review
Middle School Grammar Review
Reading Comprehension
World Literature


Algebra 1A
Algebra 1B
Business & Consumer Math
General Math 1A
General Math 1B
Geometry 1A
Geometry 1B (Summer)
Math Skills Review
Precalculus 1A
Precalculus 1B


Anatomy & Physiology A (Fall, Semester)
Biology 1A
Biology 1B
Chemistry 1A
Chemistry 1B
Human Space Exploration
Physics 1A
Physics 1B

Social Studies
American Government
American History 1A
American History 1B
Personal Economics & Finance
World Civilizations 1A
World Civilizations 1B (Fall)

Workforce and Life Skills

Career Planning
Employability Skills
Health Science 1A
Health Science 1B
International Business
Study Skills

World Languages

French 1A (Semester-based)
French 1B (Semester-based)
French 11A (Semester-based)
French 11B (Semester-based)
German 1A (Semester-based)
German 1B (Semester-based)
German 11A (Semester-based)
German 11B (Semester-based)
Spanish 1A (Semester-based)
Spanish 1B (Semester-based)
Spanish 11A (Semester-based)
Spanish 11B (Semester-based)
Spanish – MS Exploratory (Fall)

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New Model for Online Instruction for 1/2 Unit Credit Courses

District provides teacher who is trained in the content.

Consumer Education
Health Education