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Student Instruction:
Registration Forms

How To Register:
Click on your choice of Registration Form below and proceed through the online registration process.  Note: During the registration process, the names and email addresses for the site coordinator and facilitator will be requested along with student names, student email addresses, and grade level.  

There is an agreement at the beginning of each form that details the course registration deadlines, drop dates, and refund policy.  As the authorized person completing this online process, you are agreeing to these terms before you are able to proceed with the registration.    

Once you have sent your form electronically, you will receive an automated confirmation by email. If you do not also receive a confirmation email from the USDLC Registration Department within a day, please forward your confirmation to [email protected].  

Note to North Carolina schools: 
All North Carolina high schools must send their registrations to NC DPI, Distance Learning Systems.  An option is provided for NC schools in the Fall and Spring Registration Forms to send your form to NC DPI, Distance Learning Systems.  If you have questions, please contact Gerri Bathcelor at 919-807-3449 or FAX 919-807-3290; or Email: [email protected].  

In the case of summer courses, this process does not apply.  NC DPI will not be accepting enrollments for Summer School.  If you are interested in summer courses, your registration will automatically be sent to USDLC.  You will also be invoiced by USDLC directly according to the enrollment fees and sliding scale posted.