Streamed Video

Professional Development:
Professional Development Via Streamed Video or Satellite

  • 116 Hours of Programming
  • For K-12 teachers, administrators, and media specialists

Information about Accessing Satellite Broadcasts / Streamed Video

All programs will be broadcast by satellite over CLI Channel 2352 on the dates specified below. (Previous Subscribers: This is a minor change in location from last year. You will need to change your channel from 2444 to 2352.) All programs will be available through streamed video by accessing the Video Archive link within each Program Description. Spring semester programs will be streamed after the satellite broadcast date. User Name & Password Required. (The User Name and Password are used to access pre/post-assessments, online materials, evaluations, Certificates of Completion, as well as the archived streamed video. Only USDLC Licensed Sites receive User Names and Passwords. Subscribers: Contact your site coordinator for this information. If your site is not a subscriber, you may register your site online to receive access.)

Achieving Academic Excellence Series

Anytime, Anyplace

  • Online Materials and Assessment Tools
  • Evaluations
  • Certificates of Completion
  • CEUs Available in Several States

Five Intensive Strands (20 hours each) addressing the No Child Left Behind Act

  • Achieving Excellence through Data-Driven Decision Making for Administrators
  • Achieving Success with At-Risk Students
  • The Paraprofessional’s Guide to Achieving Excellence
  • Achieving Student Success in Reading Literacy
  • Achieving Student Success in Math Literacy

And Special Series on…

  • Best Practices for School/Library Media Programs
  • Books, Books, Books (K-5, 6-12)

2004-2005 USDLC Site License Fee: $1,000

  • Unlimited participation per site
  • Special pricing is available for districts with distribution systems or wishing to register multiple sites for access to streamed video.
  • Call (888) 828-7352 or email [email protected] for details.

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